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 Zed Pod Re-Thinking Housing

Building Integrated Photovoltaic array of solar panels on the roof.

Super Insulated envelope.

Triple glazed windows.

Ventilation with heat recovery.

ZEDpods have a solution; decouple land and building costs and build on existing car-parks and hard-standings.

TEMPO Housing

Are an off-site modular manufacturing business showcasing their new prototype. 27 square metres suitable for students, young professionals. The unit had a separate bedroom space with storage, kitchenette and bathroom space.

Totally Modular

Based in the West Midlands.

They have designed 8 standard house types that cover the most popular house sizes within the market today. 97% completed in the factory.

They have said £1350 per square meter, I’ll find out more and share this with you guys.

TAM Modcell White Design Coobio




To create a people centred housing model that radically changes the housing market.  Where everyone can have access to affordable and sustainable homes for a better quality of life.

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