High Peforming Homes

To educate the everyday person on how to create homes that are smart, sustainable, affordable and healthy. Meaning that anyone can attain a safe and comfortable home – bringing peace of mind to all generations.

Smart Homes

Did you know that you can generate income through smart design

Sustainable Homes

Our homes have the capability to harness the worlds most sustainable energy source


Controlled ventilation in your home can help remove 99.9% of allergens


Zero Energy Home

The total energy generated over the year from building integrated renewables is greater than the energy used.


Fabric First Approach

The lower the U-Value, the less heat is lost through the external skin of the building.


Modular Construction

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) are far quicker to build than traditional methods

Our Mission

The aim of high performing homes is to showcase the HOW of making your own sustainable home – making the process simple, transparent, exciting and easy to follow.

For many people, building their own home seems unattainable – with financial concerns being top of the list of worries.


With this in mind, our aim is to demystify the costs involved with building your own zero energy home – both materials and building costs – making anyone looking to move ahead with a project confident that they can budget efficiently without the uncertainty on costs.


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Being part of the future. Choose to be leading the way for our younger generations.

I believe that everyone of us has a responsibility to safeguard the worlds resources – with climate change already starting to have a devastating impact on our planet, now is the time to make changes.

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